Floyd and Sharon Campbell

Lyn and Rebecca,
Thank you again for such a Grand Auction. You were very organized, punctual and thorough with all the set-up work that had to be done. It took a lot of the stress off of us. My relatives from Detroit, who had never seen a country auction were impressed with the organization and the smooth flow of all the activities going on at the same time. We all enjoyed the day and we made more money than we expected.
We have moved in and have hung pictures on the wall. We are in a cool spell now; only the low 90′s. The children are adjusting; we’re in the fourth week of home-schooling. They have caught all sorts of insects and critters for science projects and kid curiosity. We got one cat from the humane society; however, two dogs have taken up here. One is my cousin’s dog from a quarter mile up the road and the other is a pregnant stray. I guess it all adds up to a homey feel.
Thanks again.
God Bless your family and your work,
Floyd and Sharon Campbell