Judy, the Bull Thistle Patch… “and a Brave Young Cowboy”!


Growing up on a 70 acre farm in Fulton County, Ohio, there was never a lot of money, but plenty of hard work and good times. As far back as I can remember I always wanted to own a horse…what small boy doesn’t, but the money just wasn’t there, so I quickly learned to ride the cows! Now, most of the cows didn’t really care for a twelve year old boy climbing on their back and yelling; “Hi Yo Silver”, … Continue reading

The Day I won the Cow Poop Fight


When I was about thirteen or fourteen years of age, and old enough to know better, I managed to accomplish one of the neatest things ever for a farm boy growing up in NW Ohio in the 1950’s. I got the best of Big Phil in a cow pie fight! Now this may not sound like much of an accomplishment, but to a scrawny, young farm boy with absolutely no athletic ability, hitting the toughest kid in the neighborhood square … Continue reading

I Do Love Camping!


“Honey, you’re gonna love tent camping”, says my Rebecca to me as she labored to convince me that this would be a great recreational stress reliever for a healthy male just months away from receiving his red, white and blue Medicare card! Rebecca’s daughter, Gretchen and her husband Rich, along with daughters Meghan and Maureen had been tent camping for several years and at some undetermined point in time, Rebecca and Gretchen had decided it would be great fun if … Continue reading

A Prayer of Pennance


Forsaking You, Lord God, was his life’s greatest sin. And he blamed You, Dear Jesus, for another man’s sin. Telling himself to deceive and deny God’s truth, Heaven alone knew how he became such a fool. Even though in his heart, he knew he was wrong, Ridiculing You, Father, became his life’s song. Further and further from Christ, he surely did stray, Only You, Dear God, stayed in front blocking his way. Reaching out for his hand, as he would … Continue reading