What is a Salvage Auction?


Simply put, a home or building salvage auction is nothing more than a form of recycling. Like anything else, man made structures have a life span. There comes a time they have outlived their usefulness and become obsolete. While the building may come down, there can be many components of the building that can and should be saved. Many times an older home will have been updated with new windows, siding, doors, heating systems, cupboards, and many other features. There … Continue reading

I’d Rather Shop at K-Mart (Tips for a successful auction)


“I don’t like auctions. They aren’t fun.” “What I want always goes for too much money.” “It will be the last thing they sell.” “Auctioneers are all crooked.” “I’d rather go to K Mart!” Ever hear comments like these? Pay attention auctioneers, this could be your untapped market. There are a vast number of people just waiting to be converted to auctions. They just do not know it! Ever wonder why they feel this way? Many times these are the … Continue reading

Judy, the Bull Thistle Patch… “and a Brave Young Cowboy”!


Growing up on a 70 acre farm in Fulton County, Ohio, there was never a lot of money, but plenty of hard work and good times. As far back as I can remember I always wanted to own a horse…what small boy doesn’t, but the money just wasn’t there, so I quickly learned to ride the cows! Now, most of the cows didn’t really care for a twelve year old boy climbing on their back and yelling; “Hi Yo Silver”, … Continue reading

The Day I won the Cow Poop Fight


When I was about thirteen or fourteen years of age, and old enough to know better, I managed to accomplish one of the neatest things ever for a farm boy growing up in NW Ohio in the 1950’s. I got the best of Big Phil in a cow pie fight! Now this may not sound like much of an accomplishment, but to a scrawny, young farm boy with absolutely no athletic ability, hitting the toughest kid in the neighborhood square … Continue reading

I Do Love Camping!


“Honey, you’re gonna love tent camping”, says my Rebecca to me as she labored to convince me that this would be a great recreational stress reliever for a healthy male just months away from receiving his red, white and blue Medicare card! Rebecca’s daughter, Gretchen and her husband Rich, along with daughters Meghan and Maureen had been tent camping for several years and at some undetermined point in time, Rebecca and Gretchen had decided it would be great fun if … Continue reading

The Best Auction I Never Wanted!


The basement reeked of cat as my wife and I followed the owner back up the stairs. Going upstairs was no blessing because the aroma of cats was even stronger in the main living area. I remember tapping on Rebecca’s shoulder to get her attention and shaking my head as I mouthed the word ‘No’ to her. I did not want this auction. Everything was dirty, had an odor, and I had not seen much of value that I could … Continue reading

They Came to Say Goodbye


D C Club wasn’t much to look at. Area old-timers believe it had been in operation since the 1930’s and was possibly the oldest such establishment in Lenawee County. A dark and dingy little beergarden, some would even call it a dive. Many would call it by the other name it was known as; Just a Friendly Little Bar! A nondescript little place with a seating capacity of only 49 people with seemingly not much to offer. The floor was … Continue reading

So What Happens to the Leftovers?


Whew! Wipe the sweat off your brow. Wash those dirty hands and don’t forget the pain medication for that aching back. Perhaps soaking in a tub of hot water will help. The good news is that after weeks of frustrating hard work, tough decisions, and haggling with family members of “who gets what,” you are finally done. Well almost. What in the world are you going to do with all this stuff? You finally were able to divide up the … Continue reading

Tips on Settling Gramma’s Estate (Choosing the right Auction Company)


You have been given the task of settling an estate or you are moving and do not wish to spend more money moving your furniture than what it is worth.  Perhaps you are downsizing, and need to dispose of a “lifetime accumulation”.  So, what are your options?  Give it away?  That will work for most of it, but what will you do with the rest?  Have a yard or garage sale? You can do that, if you have the time, … Continue reading

Bill the Lunch Wagon Guy


Bill and his wife, Dortha Suboski, were my lunch wagon people and had provided the food service for my auctions since the beginning of my career. I have had people tell me that at times the deciding factor in deciding whose auction to attend were the words, “Lunch by Suboski” at the bottom of the auction flier. Bill was a “self made” man, an entrepreneur who thrived on the challenge of creating a business and working for himself. He had … Continue reading